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The ThumBee - the ultimate clip drop tool is here - clip release tool
The Fastest Easiest Cheapest Way to Release The Magazine from your California AR15, AR10, M4A1, M16, AK47, AK74 Assault Gun or Assault Rifle
ThumBee is Made In America
Bullet Button Clip Drop Tool called the ThumBee - best and cheapest solution
Watch the Video "ThumBee in Action" - check here

What the Bullet Button ThumBee logo is NOT:

  • Not an illegal Magnetic button that can fall off your gun and not be there when you need it. Who wants to crawl on the floor looking for it when someone is shooting at you?
  • Not a tool on a string or a tool you will have to locate
  • Not plastic that can break and not be there when you need it
  • Not a tool that lets your clip drop onto the floor
  • Not in the way of using your fingers or hand - you'll forget you're wearing it

The ThumBee logo for Bullet button clip drop release tool IS:

  • The best solution at the lowest cost with 100% satisfaction
  • A comfortable, one size fits most, elastic band with a "stinger" to release the magazine
  • Legal - by definition - a tool not attached to the gun
  • A tool that let's the mag drop in your hand without contorting your fingers
  • For left or right hand operation to match your gun
  • Light in weight, easy to use, smart, and long lasting

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